FLEOA Foundation Awards Honorees In Recognition of Their Distinguished Law Enforcement Leadership and Patriotism

United States Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy

Judge Jeanine Pirro “Justice with Judge Jeanine”

The FLEOA Foundation is dedicated to a simple idea:

“When a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and member is in need of financial assistance, that help will be one phone call away.”

The FLEOA Foundation has maintained a 2% administrative budget. The FLEOA Foundation is 100% volunteers and has no paid staff. FLEOA members and their officers provide the volunteers that support The FLEOA Foundation.


Mission Program and Initiatives
  1. Financial assistance to the surviving family of a Federal Law Enforcement Officer Association member who died in the line of duty or catastrophic event.
  2. Financial assistance to a Federal Law Enforcement Officer Association member who is injured, sick or disabled, due to line of duty or catastrophic event.
  3. Creation of a scholarship fund to assist the students of Federal Law Enforcement Officer Association members in pursuing an education in the fields of criminal justice based on financial need and scholastic achievement.
  4. Grants to Law Enforcement related charitable organizations that have been identified by the FLEOA Foundation or the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association that have a similar mission and a record of responsible use of donations.
  5. Grants may also be made as a result of direct solicitation from Federal Law Enforcement employees and their families, local law enforcement officers and others where no other source of assistance available.

Latest News

To Donate by Mail please send payment to:
   The FLEOA Foundation     c/o Peter Chartier    PO Box 173 Wyckoff, NJ   07481
The FLEOA Foundation is an equal opportunity service provider.

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is in full swing!  The FLEOA Foundation is now an approved participant organization of the CFC. Its CFC participant number is 54726. (Page 56 in the CFC directory) Please remember the FLEOA foundation and its contribution to Law Enforcement when considering your choices. “Don’t go it alone”

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