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FLEOA Foundation Awards Honorees In Recognition of Their Distinguished Law Enforcement Leadership and Patriotism
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The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association
The FLEOA Foundation is a IRS sec. 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) non-profit corporation and was incorporated September 14th, 1993.
The Foundation was created to financially assist FLEOA members and their families in times of need. Over the years the FLEOA Foundation has awarded hundreds of scholarships and thousands of dollars to federal law enforcement officers and their families.
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Utilize a volunteer executive team to raise funds and provide immediate support for federallaw enforcement officers and their families in need of emergency assistance.

Target Areas for Immediate Support:

Officer Injuries and/or fatalities

Officer debilitating medical issues

Scholastic awards for our heroes’ children

Suicide awareness and prevention initiatives

Mission Program and INITIATIVES


(Washington, D.C.) - Today, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (F.L.E.O.A.) Foundation is appealing to all national law enforcement organizations to join their campaign to 'Stop the Suicide Spike' and save law enforcement officer lives. In light of the severe impact of COVID-19, the F.L.E.O.A. Foundation is asking all national law enforcement organizations to have their chapters and lodges perform a virtual roll call of their members on sick leave.

F.L.E.O.A. Foundation President Jon Adler issued the following statement:

"While our heroic law enforcement first responders continue to carry out their noble missions under great stress, COVID-19 is attacking our heroes' physical and mental wellness. Sadly, numerous officers have lost their lives due to COVID-19 exposure, and 100's are out on sick leave after contracting the virus. As the invisible COVID-19 enemy preys upon officers, it may also be attacking an invisible target: officers' mental wellness. Unfortunately, there is no barometer for measuring the immediate impact of COVID-19 on officer mental wellness, but we need to intervene before suicide fatalities climb. I am calling on all national law enforcement leaders to join the F.L.E.O.A. Foundation to help prevent the inevitable spike in suicide.

"In the past two weeks, constructive mental wellness guidance and hotlines have been circulated on social media. That alone will not stop the suicide spike. Camaraderie can be chicken soup for an officer's soul, and that is why I am asking our great national law enforcement organizations to initiate virtual rolls calls of their sick members. This proactive initiative would add to the mental health services law enforcement is offering. I am recommending that each organization consider structuring a system that would allow for sending a direct message to each officer on sick leave: 'We care about you and want to ensure you are okay. Please reply to this message and let us know if we can help.' That personal touch may resonate with an officer experiencing PTS and/or depression and help them cope. Our goal is to get impacted officers through the pandemic so they can ultimately get professional help.

"As states are poised to re-open, it is important to note that law enforcement never closed. Immediate access to mental health 'PPE' may have eluded an officer under distress, and the stress burns of the pandemic may last long after the virus dissipates. On April 4th, the American Psychiatric Association reported that "36% of Americans say the pandemic has had a serious impact on their mental health." Due to stigma and the demands of the job, officers may not seek out professional help. According to Blue HELP, the premiere non-profit that advocates for law enforcement suicide prevention, 11 officers have taken their lives since the early stages of the virus. The F.L.E.O.A. Foundation is aware of an additional three federal officers who committed suicide during this time, and it is expected that when reporting catches up, that fatal tally will be higher.

May is 'Mental Health Awareness' month. While 'awareness' is important, we can help 'Smash Stigma, and Save Lives' by making personal contact with officers and reinforcing the power of camaraderie and care. God bless our law enforcement first responders, and the associations and unions that look after their wellness."

From the FLEOA National Chaplain’s Office

To the Members of the FLEOA foundation and FLEOA Members at large, please be advised that on behalf of all our FLEOA Chaplains, we hold each of you in our daily prayers during this current crisis.

We know very well that many of you are on the “front lines” daily, not to mention putting yourselves at risk, plus the unknown risks for your families.  At a time when people are being asked to practice “social distancing”, you must place yourselves in close contact with those who may be infected.

This is a call to heroism that goes beyond the norm, and for which we are sure most of the public is more than appreciative.  It is easy to become complacent and/or cynical when one is faced with indifference or hostility, while doing what one’s job requires, yet that is what you do, because of your belief in the greater good of humankind, which you have placed above your own good.

We recognize that your family lives and work environment have been disrupted more than usual, and we want you to know that we stand with you and by your side in in the midst of this turmoil.  Be assured that we remain always ready to respond to your personal needs and spiritual wellbeing.

While many people might turn to their own particular religion and faith during times of crisis, many too become unsure of their faith or the need for religion/spirituality.   Now that formal congregational religious practice has been curtailed, we are not deprived of our respective individual faith traditions and beliefs.

In that light, may we offer a spiritual word of comfort and hope, by recalling that the words: “Do Not fear” …  “Do Not be afraid” … or similar phrases, appear 365 times in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, (similarly with the Holy Scriptures of many other religions).  Yes, 365 !  Perhaps that is coincidental, but perhaps we can believe that “The God of all humanity” is not so distant, or remote, or silent, to the suffering of his beloved sons and daughters.

With sincere best wishes for your continued good health and spiritual wellbeing, we remain,

Chaplain Joseph J. D’Angelo, Chaplain David S. Lothrop, Chaplain Niles Goldstein

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To Donate by Mail please send payment to

The FLEOA Foundation
c/o Peter Chartier
PO Box 635

Oradell, N.J. 07649

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