Honoree 2014

Director, ATF

“Since its formation in 1993, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) Foundation has prided itself on providing emergency assistance to the families of fallen federal law enforcement heroes or those who have become terminally ill or disabled. Expanding on its primary mission, the FLEOA Foundation held its first annual awards ceremony in 2000 in order to recognize a “Law Enforcement Person of the Year.” As is inherent in the award’s title, this honor is bestowed upon one outstanding law enforcement leader each year who distinguished him/herself in the law enforcement profession.

This prestigious award was first presented to former NYPD Commissioner and former U.S. Marshal Howard Safir in 2000. Since then, the Foundation has recognized and presented this award to one outstanding leader in the law enforcement profession each year. This includes a former Attorney General, former and current U.S. Attorneys, District Attorneys, federal agency directors and other distinguished law enforcement leaders.

For 2014, the FLEOA Foundation’s executive board voted unanimously in favor of selecting ATF “Confirmed” Director, B. Todd Jones as its Law Enforcement Person of the Year. The award pays tribute to and recognizes Director Jones for his outstanding leadership during challenging times. In particular, the award recognizes Director Jones for his unrelenting, distinguished leadership while serving simultaneously as both the Acting ATF Director and the United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota. The FLEOA Foundation is proud to bestow this 2014 honor upon Director Jones in recognition of his honor and commitment to the greatest profession, and those who serve it, in the world: law enforcement.

The FLEOA Foundation presented this prestigious award to Director Jones at it annual ceremony in New York City. The event was attended by law enforcement and prosecutorial executives in honor and support of Director Jones.”