Honoree 2016

David A. Clarke, Jr.
Sheriff, Milwaukee County

For 2015, the FLEOA Foundation’s executive board voted unanimously in favor of selecting Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke as its Law Enforcement Leader of the Year. The award pays tribute to and recognizes Sheriff Clarke’s outstanding leadership and advocacy on behalf of all law enforcement officers.  While the law enforcement profession and its officers were barraged with news media slander and unwarranted criticism in 2015, Sheriff Clarke remained vigilant as a lead law enforcement spokesman in refuting these baseless attacks. Sheriff Clarke stood strong against the bombast of the law enforcement haters, and countered their slander with facts and a professional law enforcement perspective. For 2015, Sheriff Clarke valiantly opposed the  mythology ‎of the unarmed saint perpetrated by the biased news media, and defended the perspective of law enforcement officers confronted by insulting subjects.

In recognition of Sheriff Clarke’s leadership and indefatigable passion in defending the honor of all who took the oath to serve, the FLEOA Foundation is proud to recognizes him as the 2015 Law Enforcement Leader of the Year.